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The 4th Edition of the

International Experimental Film Festival Cãrbunari 2007


 The International Experimental Film Festival is dedicated exclusively to sustaining and promoting the experimental films.

We consider the experimental film to be one of the most interesting expression forms of contemporary art. The interest shown by the public who watched the films, apart from the festival, determined us to change the classical way of approaching an experimental film festival. We’ve therefore decided to change the regulations so that any kind of constrains will be avoided. That is why we eliminate the participation fee and the jury who chooses the winners. Most of the film critics, artists and common art consumers considered the viewing and the real perception of the artistic creation to be more important than establishing a classification based on prize awarding. The involvement of a jury in such a festival leads to a selection based on a subjective opinion and consequently to an artificial point of view, which influences the real perception of the event. Every experimental film has a justification only when it is not a subject of an official analyzes or any other preset value criteria.

All films sent to Florean Museum will become the museum’s property, including all copyrights and use, but excluding commercial use.

The Florean Museum’s experimental film collection is a reference point of the contemporary experimental film and is available to anyone who wants to study the phenomenon.

For this reason all films will be introduced on the museum’s site at http://www.cmc.ro, in a format which doesn’t allow any kind of commercial use, only the artistic one. They will be accompanied by the artist’s CV. No entry papers are needed.

The number of works you can participate with is unlimited.

All the sent films will be projected at the festival.

There will be no preliminary selection, because we consider it to be a censorship act, inadmissible in the art field.


All films must arrive to FLOREAN MUSEUM before October 15th, 2007, at the following address:


P.O. Box 1 Of. Postal 9

430510 Baia Mare


The films will be accepted only on DVD’s, PAL system. For any inconvenience regarding this matter, please contact the festival’s Director, Mr. Mircea Bochis, at: mirceabochis@adslexpress.ro.

The festival will take place in Baia Mare on November 16th and 17th, 2007.

The films will be itinerated on cultural ways according with the preset projects.

Sending the films in order to attend the festival represents the acceptance of this regulation.

For any additional information, please contact the festival’s Director Mr. Mircea Bochis: mirceabochis@adslexpress.ro.


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